Friday, December 10, 2010

The Best Part of My Morning

My favorite moment of the day is my morning journaling practice. Three or four days out of the week I'm able to get to it. I have coffee, read a couple of newspapers, then open my journal. My practice is based on themes in the Positive Psychology literature.

I clarify some specific gratefulness, I remind myself of what I like most, and I commit to some specific way of being kind to myself and another person that day.

And my favorite moment is usually five or ten minutes into the practice when I feel a shift, like I'm settling down a bit more deeply into myself. Kind of a "oh yeh, that's why I'm here!"

This practice is, I think, part of my ongoing challenge to maintain a spiritual life. I got an early start, growing up in a minister's family. But the "pull" or the gravity of my life is to the dry and dusty details of daily commitments and tasks. I want to keep it juicy and alive. To feel the pulse of it all running just under the surface of the visible and quotidian.

Here's a link to my journaling template if you'd like to try it.

photo: january first

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