Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saved by the Dragon Lady

There are a number of great technologies out there to assist students and adults with attentional and learning challenges. One of these is speech recognition software. I've been struggling with Dragon on my laptop for a year now. Could have read the manual, I guess. I wanted a "plug and play" experience and this software is just not that simple.

Everything was illuminated yesterday after my consultation with Patty Vaillancourt. I think I get it now, and have some good ideas about how to better implement speech recognition software in my practice.

Patty ("The Dragon Lady") is a training consultant from Manchester, NH. After my time with her I determined that the next time I recommend Dragon software for individuals with ADHD, I'll also recommend some 1:1 time with a really good trainer like Patty!


  1. Patty V, aka “The Dragon Lady” is a remarkable teacher with endless patience and compassion.

    We have been working with Patty as her technical support staff for better than a year and we have seen her transform lives.

    -Janet Johnston
    JanPaul Computers
    “The Human Element in Computing”

  2. I too have know Patty for many years and she is "the best". She knows Naturally Speaking "in side out"

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