Friday, December 26, 2008


After decades of focus on pathology, psychology has just recently begun to take seriously the factors that promote human happiness and resilience. Values, friendship – these have not been on the table for serious discussion. The emerging field of positive psychology, however, is taking up the challenge. Determining what makes some people happier than others, and what makes each of us happier at some points than at others.

And there is plenty of sloppy thinking on the topic. My purpose with this blog is offering a review of the best of the scientific literature on happiness. What are the known brain-behavior relationships governing motivation and happiness, and how do concepts such as values map on to these relationships?

I’ve been bouncing these ideas off colleagues and friends for years, and now I hope to interact with you. You’re someone who is interested in brain-based happiness…and I’m interested in that. Speak to me.

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