Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's an ADHD Coach?

Its a question that pops up frequently at my ADHD/Processing Disorders workshops. And I answered the question for myself when I took part in the recent annual conference of the ADHD Coaches Organization in Chicago.

My "take-home" was this: ADHD coaches are knowledgeable, creative, energetic, warm, and enthusiastic.

Now here's the thing: at conferences and weekend events I'm sometimes the guy that slinks away mid-afternoon to go to the gym or return to my hotel room to work on some project. But not this time. I learned as much from the informal between-session conversations as I did from the workshops themselves.

And you know how you exchange business cards and false promises to "stay in touch" at weekend events like this? Well I actually have stayed in touch - by phone, email, twitter, and facebook - with several coaches I met at the ACO event. And am in the process of cooking up some joint ventures. Stay tuned!

And if you or someone you love struggles with inattention and disorganization, consider coaching supports here.